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How to 2021 Halloween Costume

So you want to come up with a good Halloween costume cause… you’re part of Social Run Club and you figure that a regular costume just won’t do it. Especially if you’re the organizer and you’ve been pushing this costume events for awhile. Ugh, it can start to get a bit stressful.

Here is an easy guide to start helping you think of ideas for Halloween Costumes:

Generally speaking, a good costume is going to come from pop culture, so a great way to find something fun and unique is to think about the last year or two and what was popular. That's a bit general and vague, so let’s think of some categories to help you dive into what you and hopefully others will relate to in the past year or so:

Popular TV Shows:

What was on HBO, Netflixs, Prime, Disney or just regular TV

  • Heist (Picasso mask + Red jumpsuit)

  • Joe Tiger

  • Squid Games (Participant or Guards)

  • Queen’s Gambit


Same as above, but for movies. TBH, I'm not a big movie guy and with theatres shut down… maybe you’ll have better luck than I did. Or go a few years back to one of your faves.

  • Mortal Kombat made a comeback

  • Dune

  • Free Guy?

  • Cruella

  • Marvel.. Marvel must have had something.. right?


Who was popular in the last year or did something great or not so great

  • Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration

  • TikTok Star(s)

  • Bennifer 2.0

  • Racoon Hat Guy from Capitol Riots (Maybe too far?)

  • Tom Brady Tampa Bay vs Patriots


Who or what has been on the news or social media

  • Covid 19

  • A Tiktok video (Berries and Cream - Little Lad) Or like DIY vids

  • Drinking in Parks

  • Tokyo Olympics - cardboard beds?

  • Inappropriate virtual meeting attire/trends

  • Baby Shark

  • Covid Dating

New Tech:

What technology was popular in the last couple of years that could be turned into a costume

  • Zoom

  • House Party

  • Netflix

  • Tiktok

  • Bitcoin/Blockchain made a resurge

Puns, Sayings or Memes

Got something that you kept sharing or seeing over the last few years, turn it into a costume

  • Netflix and chill -

  • Only Fans or maybe Only Pans

  • Eat a Snickers

  • Ghosted/Ghosting

  • Ok, Boomer

  • GOAT

  • Little Girl with House on Fire in background

  • These websites have some ‘good’ ones:

These are starting points, you can google these topics and see what comes up. Or maybe you think of another category that works for you. You’d be surprised what sitting down for 10-20 mins will do if you just brainstorm for a bit rather than trying to think about it while you’re on the move. There are too many distractions and you’ll give up pretty easily.

Here are some websites that I found with good ideas/pictures:


Try to steer clear of touchy subjects (even if you think the costume is great), it's best not to make a costume around controversial subjects.

What are your fave ideas or trends in 2021 either from the post or ones that I missed?

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