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BMO Full/Half 4-Month Training Package


Following an online program can be frustrating. Events, vacation, injuries and missed runs come up and there is no guidance to know what to do. There is no accountability. 


The plan includes us chatting after one of the regular runs and figuring out what you want to for the race (New Distance, Time Goal, Run Form) and the best way to do it.  When issues come up, I'll help you adjust the plan to ensure you maximize your training.


This four month plan starts Mon, Jan 16th (16-weeks before the race) and completes on race day, Sun, May 7th 2023. 


The training package comes with:

  • 15 min needs assessment chat after a regular run
  • Overarching Training Plan based on race goals (See example photo above)
  • A bi-weekly training adjusted and personalized plan for 4 months (See example photo above)
  • A bi-weekly targeted core/strengthening plan to support your running (you choose 5 or 10 mins/day)
  • Monthly Online Group Discussion on related training topics (45min webinar)
  • Race Prep Group Discussion (Race Course Overview, Race Day Plan)
  • Post-Run Recovery Plan

2023 BMO Half & Full Marathon 4-Month Training Plan

PriceFrom C$100.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please train safe. There is not returns or transfers if you are injured or can no longer train for the race. It's important to listen to your body and train within your limits. 

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