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Sponsor Social Run Club:

Social Run Club is Vancouver based running group. We started in August 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic as a way to encourage people to get active and connect with people. We are a free run club for all levels, but focus more on making sure that running is fun and safe. We offer free run programming to our run community like mini workshops on Run Form, Beat Run Interval Training, Run Challenges, Social and Fun Runs.

The more the merrier! We want to help as many people as possible so connecting with like-minded businesses or organizations means we can both benefit by working together. If you, your company or some you know is working toward the same goals, we want to connect with them. There are a number of ways we can support each other.

Social Run Club at a Glance 


We started as a small group of people going for runs together in August 2020, committing to a weekly jog to make sure we remained active. Talking about running, health and fitness and all the craziness was a fantastic outlet for us. 


​As the group grew, in February of 2021, we needed an official name. Thats when we became Social Run Club. Since February, we have been adding programming, growing our member base and expanding our community. As of May 2021, we have:

Vancouver wants to get out and be active, connect and learn to run; they just need a channel to guide and support them do it.

Sponsor SRC
Next Steps

Next Steps - Starting a Connection


Come get to know us and our founder, Geoff. Sponsorship starts with a connection and grows from there. Let's go for a coffee, beer or a jog and talk about how we can work together. Reach out to Geoff direct via email or come out to one of our weekly runs.

Think about how you want to have an impact on the community. Below are our Sponsorship Tiers, but we're not limited to those, if you have something you're passionate about, let's chat. Once we start talking, we can send you an official sponsorship package.

Types of Sponsorship!

  • Promotion Sponsor - We love local companies and we can both benefit from promoting each other.

  • Event Sponsor - Events take time, energy and have expenses. A great want to get involved is supporting an event by providing the food and/or drinks, location, covering other expenses. We'll make sure everyone knows how amazing you are for doing it.

  • Discount Sponsor - Offer our members discount on products or services that are great for runners and active people.

  • Regular Programming Sponsor - Feel passionate about a specific aspect of our run programming? We are looking for regular events and run sponsors. Maybe this is our Beat Intervals, Run Form Focus, Month Challenges or Time Trials.

  • Club Sponsor (Bronze, Silver and Gold) - If you love what we do and don't want to be limited to just one of the above, we have tiered sponsorship plans that we can customize to your organization and how you want to get involved.

Silver Sponsors:

Current Sponsors
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Promotional Sponsors:

Van Run Club Sponsor Oxygen Yoga Yaletown
Van Run Club Sponsor New Balance
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