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Form Focus Series

What is the Form Focus Series?

Each week we choose one aspect of run form and practice it. The jog starts with a 5 min workshop on the mechanism we're featuring that day, then we go for a 30 min easy jog to practice.

Learning and perfecting a skill takes time, so it's important to get out and keep practicing. 

Different Aspects or Mechanism of Run Form

Every body is different, but we all have similar mechanisms that allow us to move. Every week we focus on one of these aspects of run form:

Listening to your Body


The principles behind our Form Focus runs are to teach you to listen to your body, understand the feedback it is giving you and adjust your form and mechanisms, to improve your form. We are all different and it's important that listen, understand and adjust. For more information on this process read the Run Basics Series on Perfect Form.​

Form Focus Runs

​Generally speaking we run on Tuesdays, to sign up for the runs visit our Events Page. To find out the next aspect for our Run Form Focus email us

Speed up the Learning

Interested in jumping the gun? We offer workshops and one-on-one coaching, email us for more information.

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