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Run Coaching Run Training Plans Vancouver


Having a plan or schedule helps us reach goals. If you have the time and desire, you can develop your own training plan:


Create Your Own Training Plan

Benefits of Coaching

In my experience, having a coach to guide you through this process has been tremendous value. Some of the benefits I've found are:

  • They have the knowledge to help you create an efficient and appropriate plan for your level.

  • The plan they give you provides you with peace of mind, so you're not worrying about getting it right

  • It keeps you accountable

  • It gives you access to ask questions they may be hard to find on the internet

  • They help keep it fun, low pressure and reassure you that you're on the right track.

About the Coaching Plans

Currently, I am developing 12 week targeted coaching plans. To ensure high quality plans and give people the attention they desire, I am limiting this offering to five people. These plans are based on my 20 years of running at different levels. If you're interested in my running history check out the About Page. These plans are based on my experience and are meant as a guide. Regardless of your coach or mentor, your priority should always be to listen to your body and communicate that with your coach.

The intention is to help you improve and reach your goals, while ensuring that running is fun and sustainable. 

Basic Coaching Plan

The coaching plan includes:

  • Introductory Needs Assessment Sit down (Up to 30 mins) to assess:​

    • Running Intention

    • 12-week Goal​

    • Weekly time allowance for training

  • 6 x 2 week training plans including:

    • Run Schedule durations and paces​

    • Supplementary Body Weight Core Exercises - to maximize your support and stability for efficient running

  • Monthly Check to reassess targets

  • 1x Stride Analysis


$150 for the 3 month period ($50/mth)

Premium Coaching Plan

The coaching plan includes:

  • Everything in the Basic Coaching Plan

    • Introductory Needs Assessment Session​

    • Bi-weekly training plans for the term of the coaching

    • Weekly Tracking Survey

    • Early Access to Training Videos

  • Weekly 30 minute call to adjust and adapt the training plan to progress

  • Monthly Stride Analysis Session with 30 minute follow up

  • Bi-weekly Core Activation and Strengthening Plan


$200/mth + GST (minimum term of 3 months)

To learn more about coaching and training plans, please reach out by email.

Individual Sessions​

Personal Coaching Session

Individual coaching is an hour session targeted to your needs. Sessions are personalized to your goals and your run journey. These sessions range from setting up a training plan for a target race, working on support muscle activation and supplementary workouts or 1-on-1 coaching on run form mechanisms. 

Sessions are $150/hr and include follow up material. For further information, please reach out by email

Injury Assessment Sessions

This hour long session is used to identify the source of your aches and pains. We go through a series of gentle movements to help you listen to and assess the source of your injury. This session is followed up with targeted movements and muscle activations to help you strengthen the area and recover to full strength. 

Depending on the source and degree of injury pricing varies.  For further information, please reach out by email

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