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Beats Run Interval Training

What is Run Interval Training?

Intervals are a form of speed training that help you get faster. Generally, you have a set time or distance that you run at a faster pace and a set time or distance for a slow recovery pace. For example, 60 seconds fast and 90 seconds recovery. You repeat these fast/slow intervals for a number of sets anywhere from 4-10 times. 

Intervals are a great way to increase to improve your running. Because it varies in pace, it pushes your muscles and body. After the workout, your body starts to recover and rebuild and adapts to these new conditions. If done properly they can improve your:


How are Beat Intervals different?


Beat Interval Run Training uses technology to allow all runners to connect to the same workout track that has been tailored to the intervals. So fast paces are paired with upbeat music while recovery is done to slower music. Similar to indoor workout classes.


The music also has audio from the Run Leader throughout the workout guiding you through the workout. Think about how a spin instructor guides you through a spin class. This audio encourages you through the workout and reminds you about run form, duration and effort level.

Become a VIP Member and get access to all the beat interval music

so you can workout whenever you want

The route is a loop, so no one gets left behind. This workout is great for all levels because you get to choose your effort level or how fast your paces are. In addition, because of the technology, we can space out around the loop so you can see the other runners, but maintain a safe social distance.

Beat Intervals are a fun outdoor way to get good exercise, listen to great music and be around like minded people. Come out and try it with us.

Beats Structure

  1. Introductions and Workout Explanation

  2. Warm up

  3. Interval Workout

  4. Cool Down

Workouts last between 40-55 mins

What to bring?

Its simple:

  • Run gear

  • Smart Phone (fully charged + data)

  • Headset

  • Water Bottle

All Runners must be a member at Social Run Club (Join Here) and register for the workout they'd like to attend.

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