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SRC Manifesto

Social Run Club Purpose

SRC was founded on helping people move, connect and have fun.  

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Social Run Club Manifesto

These are the guiding principles behind Social Run Club. And the things you probably hear Geoff talk about.

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Listen to Your Body

The better you get at receiving messages from your body, the better you will get at understanding those messages and then the better you’ll be at acting or changing based on those messages. 

Everyone’s a Winner

Life can be tough, so when we’re moving forward, we’re all winners.

More Fun 

I think that everyone needs a little more fun and ridiculous in their life. 

Consistently Show up

The best way to see long term improvements is to consistently show up, not sprinting or going too hard.

Be Kind, Generous and Forgiving 

No one can know exactly what's gone on in your life and you have no idea what's going on for others, so be kind, generous and forgiving.

Assess Your Energy

Whatever you’re doing, know how much energy you have in the tank and how much you want to have after your run, race, work or whatever you're doing.

Engage Your Core

The core stabilizes the body which helps to provide efficiency.

Sometimes Running Shouldn’t Be About Running

It doesn’t need to be about getting better, it can be about relaxing, connecting, breathing, having fun and so much more.


Unlimited Just Show Up Days

The hardest part is just showing up, so at SRC you have unlimited just show up days.


Life Needs More Costume Everything

It’s hard to be perfect and serious in a costume. Life needs more silly. More costume everything!


Collect Data

It’s important to collect data so you have a baseline for what is normal and what's not.

Anything Is Better Than Sitting On The Couch

Whether it's going for a walk, jog or run, we burn way more calories moving than not moving.



Oxygen is essential to us moving, connecting and having fun, so breathe deep.

For Every Other Day There are Easy Social Fun Runs

In a world that tells us we can seize the day in every moment, it's important to have space and time where we can stop sprinting and seizing the day and just move at whatever pace we need that day.

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