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Stride Analysis

What is Stride Analysis


Having proper run form means that you run more efficiently; running faster while saving energy. It also reduces impact on your joints, bones and tendons. Learning any new skill takes time and energy. You may know what to change, but are the changes you think you're making what is actually happening?

Each hour session is limited to six people. At the start of the session, we go for a 15 minute jog to warm up then we take videos from three different angles to see your run form. We do a debrief and I give you some points on form we do a mini workshop on and then take the videos again so you can see how you look when you make changes. Within a week, I compile and analyze the videos, then send them to you for your training purposes.


Benefits of Stride Analysis


When you are developing any skill, there is a progression from amateur ability to mastery. The skill is developed through time and practice. With any physical skill, you need to have the body awareness to progress effectively. Think about the first time you do yoga or an exercise in front of a mirror and realize that what you think you're doing is not actually what you're doing. You can clearly see what needs to change and adapt almost instantly. This is the impact of having a visualization of your current run form. This is the purpose of the Stride Analysis. It allows you to see what you're doing and compare it to what you think you're doing and correct the inconsistencies.


Every month there is a Stride Analysis session, which allows you to check in with your run form progression. As you watch your stride progress you are also building your ability for body awareness, which means that you are getting more proficient in making changes to your stride and having your body actually doing that. Eventually you will be quite precise with this ability and progression with your run form will show those results. 

You will also have copies of these videos from each session to view your progress over extended periods to see how far you've come and improved. ​

Stride Analysis Video

Example Stride Analysis Video

Kipchoge Stride Example



Check out our Events Page to see when the next quarterly Stride Analysis is and then book the session by following the steps in the booking section below.

Next Session: Jul  20th (Wednesday) at 6:30pm


Cost per session:

Because of the limited space and the amount of time and energy each video takes to create and analyze, these sessions are cost $20 + taxes. Our Social Run Club VIP Runners get this as a benefit for their support.

How to Use Your Stride Analysis Video(s)

These are the best ways to use your videos to supplement and enhance your training:

  1. The analysis of your stride will highlight aspects of your run form for you to focus on.

  2. Read our Run Form Focus Blog Series for additional tips and exercises to help you improve those areas.

  3. Come out to our Free Tuesday Run Form Focus mini workshop and jog.

  4. Create your own training plan that has a Run Form Focus with our Training Plan Walkthrough.

  5. Get Coaching or a Training Plan from Social Run Club that focuses on Run Form Improvement.

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