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Support Social Run Club

How to Support Social Run Club:

I love running and I love learning. I also know the difference that being outside and being active can make in someone's life. Social Run Club's intention will always been to be a fun run club where people can learn and grow as runners. 

We will always be free to the community. Everyone should have access to run education, a run community and a judgment free zone to connect with like-minded people. I want to continue to produce high quality content and events to maximize your fun, learning and connection while minimizing that "poorly run meeting" feeling. (although I do ramble at times :S)

As our community is growing, members are looking for a way to give back to the Social Run Club community and support it. Community is a special thing and I'm amazed by the unique, generous and loving people that have come out to run with us.

Just show up!

Seriously though, it's the easiest thing. Come out to events rain or shine and enjoy whats being created. What makes a community special is the people in it. Being a member isn't about being perfect, its about showing up and knowing that half the battle for everyone is showing up just the way they are today. 


If you have a little more energy, be friendly and curious. Joining a community is like going to a new school, it's awkward and scary. So smile at new people ask about their day and introduce them to other people. 

If you read the blog and like it, let me know. Make comments on the blogs, like them or send me a message. I have a certain style of writing and its hard for me to know if people are enjoying the content I'm producing. Also I'm a Leo, so I love affection, there is no limit to positive feedback. With that being said, let me know if something is unclear or theres a mistake. If you noticed, someone else will as well. 

  • Come out to runs and events

  • Be friendly and curious with other members

  • Read the blog, comment, like and give feedback

Share Us!​​


Part of the way Social Run Club grows is by being shared. So if you had fun or enjoyed some content, share a photo, blogs, events or the website with someone you think would enjoy it or on your platform of choice.

Invite a friend to come out to a Social Run or Event. Remember not everyone will come out on the first time. Thats ok, they're busy human beings too. If you're having fun, keep sharing and they'll join when they can.

  • Share a photo, blog, event or the website with someone or on your platform of choice

  • Invite a friend to an event or a social run

Sponsor Us!

Do you or someone you know love what we do and want to sponsor the group or an event. We'd love to chat with you about it. Whether it's a prize, food, beverages or covering the costs of an event, we appreciate the support however it comes. Send us an email to start the conversation.

Use Us!

Unfortunately, every operation has costs and time requirements. So if you have the resources here are a couple of ways that you can support us by buying our products or services:

We're open to ideas, want to partner with us, got another way to help or support the community. Reach out and let us know what it is.

Donate to Social Run Club

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