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Time Trial

What is the Time Trial?

Every 3 months, Social Run Club hosts a 5K & 10K Time Trial. We have a set course that we run and you get to see where you're at. Whether this is your first time or you're trying to beat your last time, it's a good opportunity to get out and be active. Plus it's something to motivate you and train for.

Time Trial vs Race

So whats the difference between a Time Trial and a Race?


  • An official course, that is has been measured. There are bibs and timing chips. It's legit.


Social Run Club Time Trial 

  • It's a bunch of people getting together to push our limits. It is organized to be the minimal amount of planning effort.

  • No chips, no KM markings, no water stations or ribbons/prizes.

  • We do our timing the old fashion way: with a stop watch.

  • Just come out and jog, run or race the course you want to.

  • We'll got go brunch after!


We start at David Lam Park, then head along the sea wall to and around Science World, then back the way we came. We also have a quick course run through video on Youtube:

5K Time Trial Route​​

5K Time Trial Route.png

10K Time Trial Route​​

Screenshot 2022-02-01 08.48.48.png

How it works: 


  1. Sign up for the next Time Trial

  2. Train for the Time Trial or just show up

  3. Run the Time Trial

  4. Stretch and recover from Time Trial

  5. Go for brunch with the other participants

  6. Sign up for the next one and train to beat your time

Next Time Trials

  • Feb Time Trial - Feb 5th, 2023

  • Apr Time Trial - TBD

  • Jul Time Trial - TBD

  • Oct Time Trial - TBD

The month before every Time Trial we do a Month Run-athon to help keep up motivated and get in shape. More info here

Need a little more motivation and accountability? Want to improve faster? We offer Affordable Personalized Training Plans that take into account form training, cross training and increasing mileage. More information here.

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