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Social Run Club Memberships

Basic Membership is free for Social Run Club. 

If you love the community that is being created, one of the best ways to support Social Run Club is to become a Premium Member. Organizing regular runs, events, communication with members, partners and creating content all take a ton of time, so support the community and get some perks as well. 

Not sure about the pricing, think about the value you get from the club and compare it to this:

  • $5/month - A fancy coffee or a happy hour beer 

  • $15/month - Attending a regular fitness class, Netflix, Amazon or Spotify subscription 

  • $40/month - Social mixer event or a live perform

Run events will vary cost but will range in cost from $5-$30. There will also be early bird pricing for all membership plans to encourage members to sign up early.

If you have to downgrade or stop your plan, thats ok too. Life happens and any support is much appreciated.

Membership Plans

It is FREE to come to the regular runs at Social Run Club. Simple go to the Events Page and register.