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Community Guidelines

At Social Run Club (SRC) we are committed to fostering a culture of mutual respect within our diverse community. We value the diversity of our members and strive to maintain equity in treatment for all, both within the club and the broader community where we run, live, and work.

At SRC, we uphold a strict policy against bullying, hate speech, harassment, and any form of violence. Such behaviors, regardless of intent, are not tolerated. Any member found engaging in these acts towards fellow members will face immediate review of their club membership. Our aim is to create a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment for all.

1. Safety and Compliance

  • Stick to the designated running route.

  • Refrain from using headphones during the run to stay alert (unless using them as part of the Thursday intervals). 

  • Run no more than two abreast, especially on busy roads, sidewalks, or trails.

  • Be mindful of other pedestrians and traffic. This includes staying out of the cycling lane and checking behind you before moving into a different lane. 

  • If you plan to join the group late or need to leave early, let the run leader or another member of the group know. 

  • Before the session starts, inform the Run Leader of any illness or injury concerns or if you are new or have recently moved up a group.

  • Be prepared for the run:

    • Be aware of weather conditions and dress appropriately.

    • When running in the dark, wear light colored clothing, reflective gear, and/or a safety light, especially if you will be running in areas where lighting is scarce. 

    • Carry some form of identification and emergency contact details.

    • Bring appropriate medication if required.


2. Respect and Inclusivity

  • Always show respect to fellow club members.

  • Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.

  • Avoid touching club members without their consent.

  • Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited.

    • This includes making inappropriate advances or unwelcome comments or behaviour towards club members. 

  • Create a welcoming environment for all members.

  • Listen, respect and appreciate the SRC run leaders and volunteers. 

  • Stay with the group at all times.


3. Community Engagement

  • Encourage participation and volunteering in SRC events.

  • Avoid sharing events that conflict with SRC events.

  • If you are sharing another event please check with the SRC Event Captain to ensure there are no conflicts.

  • Don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t feel like chatting for long or refuses your proposition. We are all busy people and you have no idea what else that person is dealing with.

  • Respect personal boundaries that other members have set.

  • Be respectful of others’ opinions. This is a diverse group and we do not have to all think the same way. It is okay to agree to disagree and change the subject.


4. Online Conduct

  • Abide by Respect and Inclusivity guidelines online.

  • Do not message a person directly if you have not met them in person unless you have been asked to do so.

  • Foster a safe space for online interaction.

  • Encourage respectful and constructive online discussions.

  • Avoid sharing offensive or inappropriate content.

  • Respect the privacy and opinions of others online.

  • Use online platforms to strengthen club community bonds.

  • For the safety of our members, we expect our members to participate in our online communities as themselves. 

  • Any promotional comments or “trolling” comments are subject to removal and review of senders group privileges.

  • Avoid sharing the personal information of others without their consent.


5. General Conduct

  • Sign the Member Safety Waiver before coming to any events or runs. 

  • Behave appropriately at all club events.

  • Avoid any form of discriminatory behavior.

  • Contribute positively to group discussions and activities.

  • Follow the club's specific rules and guidelines.

  • Report any violations of these guidelines to the club leadership. See below.

  • If you choose to run with a group that is slower than your usual pace, do not run at the front of this group, stay back and help the leader, otherwise your pace will dictate the group and make it harder for others in the group.

  • Look after the other runners within your training group, if someone is struggling make sure that they are not left on their own and inform your Run Leader.


If you witness, experience, or hear of any instances that deviate from our SRC Community Guidelines, we welcome your feedback and this is the appropriate recourse:

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