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Month Run-athon

What is the Month Run-athon?

To help us reach new run limits, stay active and/or hold us accountable, we do a free quarterly month run-athon. Choose either a distance or time you'd like to run or exercise throughout the month. You can run with us or run on your own. You don't even need to be in Vancouver to participate. 


This is a fun social group, so your goal is something that can challenge you but not something that is going to destroy you. There is no comparing, all of our members are at different levels with different priorities and different commitments for the specific month. We're all just interested in getting more active and supporting each other. 

The best part is that you're more than welcome to change your goal throughout the month. Life comes up and thats part of setting any goal. Maybe run is your top priority and you want to hold fast, but for most of us running isn't meant to add additional stress, so adjust and do your best. We get it, we're human beings playing life too!

It's pretty simple and it gets us all out there. Come join the group and get moving.

What Makes it Special?

We have a very sophisticated google spreadsheet that we all track our runs in. It's for fun, so it's on the honour system. When you add in your runs, it automatically totals your monthly mileage and tracks your completion vs the days left to help you stay on track. 

We have an awesome group of people. Social Run Club is very lucky to have an amazing member base. We are all supportive and understand that somedays it's just tough to get out. So the group is great at supporting each other. 

We have silly digital badges to recognize people that have done the challenge multiple times and hit certain distances. They're silly and have no monetary value, which is why it is mind-boggling that they're actually motivating... theres something oddly satisfying about getting a kangaroo badge for running 100K in a month.

How it works: 


  1. Sign up for the next run-athon

  2. Choose a goal that works for you

  3. We'll add you to the Run-athon Spreadsheet

  4. From the 1st - 30th (31st) you run on your own and/or with the group.

  5. Everytime you run, you add your run into our tracking spreadsheet and it automatically calculates your total for the month and how much more you need to go.

  6. Let the power of the group and spreadsheet help you get out and be active.

  7. If covid guidelines permit, we have a final jog and celebrations (brunch?) at the end.

2023 Run-athons

  • January 2023

  • March 2023 

  • June 2023

  • Sept 2023

Find the sign up on our Events Page.

Following each month challenge we have a 5K & 10K Time Trial to help you track your progress. I mean why wouldn't you want to gauge your progress.

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