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Muscle Refinement

Muscle Refinement for Running. Active your support muscles for faster runs

Muscle Refinement

Muscle Refinement Video - For a quick overview chat about the muscle refinement process

What I mean by muscle refinement is the process muscles go through to become efficient and effective. From my observations, your muscles develop through these simplified stages:

  1. Activation - We become aware that these muscles exist. Yippee!

  2. Engagement - We start to consciously engage the new muscle or area. Generally this engagement is rough or choppy.

  3. Refinement - Our conscious engagement becomes unconscious engagement and the muscle movement is refined, steady and smooth.

  4. Further Distinguishment - We become intune with that muscle or area and start to further distinguish it being able to engage smaller areas individually

Think of a baby and how it learns to use its limbs:

  1. Activation - It starts moving its arms.

  2. Engagement - The baby can move the arm around, but has little to no control over it. They are floppy and wobbly movements.

  3. Refinement - As the baby grows, the movements become more steady and smooth.

  4. Further distinguishment - It starts to be able to distinguish between different parts of the limb like the hand from the arm or the forearm from the arm.

This cycle continues for the newly distinguished areas. The hand then becomes activated, engaged, refined and further distinguished. It's easy for us to see this process in a baby as their muscles are not highly refined, but we must not forget that this process does not disappear as we mature. Muscle Refinement continues to exist as long as we are alive. In fact, the process requires a certain amount of attention otherwise it starts to regress, but that's the topic for another blog.

Muscle Refinement as a Skills