• Geoff

Run Basics Series - 7. Developing Great Form

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Great Run Form with Van Run Club

The best way to develop great form is to practice. There is a process to learning and applying any knowledge which I get into in another blog. However, the essence is we start with understanding, then develop by listening and adjusting. Building a skill takes practice to become natural. I like to think of this development as playing with form and it is my favorite way to practice a skill.

Playing With Form

When I say ‘play with form’ I mean figure out the balance your body needs for that aspect right now. The balance needed will change as your form and strength develop. To find this balance start by feeling the full range of the mechanism you’re starting to play with. For example, for lower abs it would look like something like this:

  1. Run for 30 seconds with your lower abs fully engaged as hard as you can to see what that feels like and what comes up in your body.

  2. Run for 30 seconds with your lower abs as relaxed and loose as possible to see what it feels like and what comes up in your body.

  3. Take some time to think about what you liked and what didn’t feel right. At first the answers you come up with may seem rudimentary, but as you refine your skill to listen and differentiate inside your body, you’ll notice more (This is another reason to continue to play with form)

  4. For the rest of the run go back and forth and find the balance for that mechanism, see what you like and what you don’t like. Where is the tension between these two extremes that feels the best?

Aspects to Practice

This is the same process that I got through to find the balance for other mechanisms. Here is a list of some elements that you can practice:


Core - Remember to engage the lower abs, lower back, gluts and the inner thighs. Once you start to develop a sense for each of these individually, you can start to play with how they feel together.