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3-Month Training Package


Following an online program can be frustrating. Events, vacation, injuries and missed runs come up and there is no guidance to know what to do. There is no accountability. 


The plan includes us talking on the phone and figuring out what you want to train for (Speed, Distance, Run Form, a 5K, 10K) and the best way to do it. Then picking a start date for the training. We'll work together to get you to your goal. It all ends 3-months after the start date and you can choose to continue or not.


***VIP Members get a discount on training


The training package comes with:

  • 30 min needs assessment phone call
  • A bi-weekly training plan for 3 months (More details)
  • A bi-weekly targeted core/strengthening plan to support your running (you choose 5 or 10 mins/day)
  • 1x Stride Analysis Sessions (More details)
  • Free Time Trial 5K or 10K (More details)
  • Monthly Check in (20min call) to reassess targets

3-Month Training Plan

Excluding Sales Tax
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