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Welcome to SRC

These are some things you might want to know about SRC and our community

5 things to do to maximize your SRC experience

  1. Try the 3 SRC Runs

  2. Join the Whatsapp

  3. Meet the Pace Leaders & Welcome Committee

  4. Meet other runners

  5. Go to an Event

SRC Regular Runs

We run for 30 mins max and at a Zone 2 or talking pace on:

  • Tues 6:30p - Form Focus Runs

  • Thurs 6:30p - Easy Run or Intervals

  • Sat 9:30a - Social Run & Coffee

Always check the website for events or if runs have change or been cancelled

Join the Whatsapp

The community has over 40 subchats for different interest groups, whatsapp only events and...

There are two ways to join the whatsapp community

  • Send the SRC Insta your number & a selfie of you at the run (so we know you were here)

  • Become a Regular Suppoter ($5/mth), it goes to keeping the club sustainable

Meet Other Runners

Here are 3 basic tips for meeting other runners:

  1. Tell people you're new ask what they like about the run club

  2. Smile, say hi and my name is "", whats your name?

  3. Try to say hi to 3 new people at each run, eventually you'll have met 20+ people

14 Easy Tips For Meeting People at Run Club

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